The latest ride on car sensation from Lamborghini

The latest ride on car sensation from Lamborghini

Lets go back to the beginning:

Perhaps it would help to quickly revisit what is the deference between a licensed and a replica model. You can click here to check out our article.

It's been almost a decade since Lamborghini has released a licensed ride on car. They have a reputation for being quite picky with who they deal with but i mean 10 years??? 

Mercedes, BMW, Audi have all had 10+ models released since then even Ferrari had 2 models. Lamborghini however waited a decade, and boy it was worth the wait.

The original model was manufactured by Rastar in china who at the time pretty much ruled the world with their cool licensed models. They pretty much manufactured 80% of high end model licensed ride on cars.

Retailing at around $400 for the 12v version and $300 for the 6v it was the best selling ride on car of 2010.



it came with some cool features such as:

  • LED working lights
  • 27mhz remote control
  • 6v / 12v battery
  • Horn sound
  • Aux cable to connect ipod or mp3 players

Rastar Lamborghini Dashboard

The issue is that rastar cars were quite small and generally suitable for smaller kids.

Second issue is that Rastar stopped to grow as fast as their competitors in the market. Whilst other manufactures began adding newer and more advanced technology at a cheaper price. Features like:

  • Bigger size and 2 seater ride on cars
  • Mp3 / touchscreen mp4 players
  • 2.4ghz bluetooth remote
  • Leather seats
  • EVA wheels
  • Metallic paintjobs
  • much more

All of that for the same or even cheaper retail price of Rastar models. It was the obvious choice for majority of retailers to begin exploring other models. And the car companies followed the consumer trend and began providing licenses to other manufactures.

Let me tell you about the new mode!

Where do I begin. The new model is manufactured at DK in china which is the same manufacturer responsible for some of the most popular models such as Ford ranger, Mercedes S63 & SL65, BMW X6 and many more.

At first glance the first thing that came to my mind was that Lamborghini definitely wont release a licensed ride on car without it being perfect. The level of detail that has gone into this car (understanding that it's still a toy)  is quite impressive.

First thing i noticed was the fact that the toy really captured the aerodynamic shape of the new Aventador



after many replica models with fake badges, It was so refreshing to see the actual Lamborghini logo displayed all around the car.



I was also very impressed with one feature in particular and that's the leather finished twin seats with racing seatbelts



and ofcourse the coolest feature of this car in my opinion is the gas pump operated doors. You just click the button and the doors go upwards.A feature that has been attempted in the past but perfected with this model.



The Verdict

It's been 10 years since Lamborghini released a licensed model and if I was to summarize it in one sentence it would be... "It was bloody worth the wait".

It comes with all the bells and whistles, for a one seater car its the perfect size, not too small yet not too big to make it uncomfortable to handle by a child and finally it comes with those gorgeous Lamborghini logos all around.

Retailing at $349 for a 12v version you will get a ride on car that would be the cause of envy.

For more info on the features or to purchase one click here

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