Assembly & Installation

Struggling with assembling? Let us help you!

To begin, if it's the first time you are assembling a ride on toy, give yourself about an hour.

Assembly of most models are quite similar, we will begin by going through the steps required for all cars, at the bottom of the page we will talk about certain models that have specific requirements.


  1. Screw driver
  2. an elevated surface would help alot (work bench or table)
  3. Sufficient working area to lay out the parts after unboxing

Assembly Steps:

Please note the steps may be different with different models but this is generally the sequence we follow.

  1. Ensure the motors are connected and installed through the back wheel metal axle. Please ensure the left and the right motors are installed correctly as it would cause the car to drive inverted if installed incorrectly.
  2. Connect the wheels by sliding them through the front and back axles.
  3. Most models are then followed by the black plastic round part which fits in the middle whole of the wheel.
  4. insert metal round washer.
  5. Secure in the wheels. Depending on the model, you may either have to secure them by using the metal small pin or some models it would require screws.
  6. Fit the wheel caps on top (you may need to only press on them or certain models require screwing.
  7. Connect the motor cables 
  8. Connect the red wire to the battery
  9. If not installed already, install other parts of the car such as doors, front windscreen and back screen.
  10. Install the steering wheel by sliding it through the steering wheel axle and secure it by aligning the screw holes and screwing it in.
  11. Install the chair and secure it by screwing it in (if required).

By this stage majority of models would be all good to go.

Syncing the remote control:

All our ride on cars have been upgraded to use Bluetooth remotes. This means the remote will not work immediately and need to be synced. Please note the remote will also not look like the one shown in the catalogue which comes with the car as it is an upgraded version.

Syncing remote your remote is generally done via one of the 2 methods below. 

  • Turn the car off > hold the select car (or sync) button for 5 seconds until lights begin to flash > turn the car as it will sync automatically.
  • Turn the car on > hold the select car (or sync) button for 10 seconds and the car will automatically sync.

Regular questions regarding assembly of specific modes:

Q: My range rover is missing parts. The packaging doesn't include all the wheel parts such as bushes, and disc.

A: The menu is written based on the base plastic wheel model. With the upgraded rubber wheels you do not need those parts.