Can I place a deposit a secure a stock in advance?:

With a lot of our recent shipment selling out prior to landing in our stock, we highly recommend our customers to place a deposit to hold a stock from an up and coming shipment if they have truly made up their mind about purchasing one.

We only require a $50 deposit (non-refundable) plus any delivery charges (if delivery order) up front in order to hold a stock for you, and the remaining amount can be finalized upon stock being received into our warehouse.  

You are also able to finalize the remaining amount using afterpay, providing you an additional 2 months to pay off the amount whilst the ride on toy gets delivered to you straight away.

What does the end to end process look like?

  1. You choose a pre order item advertise in our coming soon collection.
  2. You can opt in to pay the amount in full which will allow priority deliver as our orders are processed in first in first out fashion
  3. If you choose to place a deposit we require $50 (non redundable) deposit plus any shipping charges (if required) up front.
  4. Prior to the shipment arriving you will receive an email from us with an invoice including the remaining amount closer to the stock arrival day. ( you can go on a payment plan at this point by using afterpay.)
  5. You will complete the purchase and your order will go in a queue for processing.


What if I need to cancel my order?

  • If the order cancellation is initiated from Cass Kids Toys due stock unavailability or an error on our end you will be notified as soon as possible and your paid amount will be refunded in full.
  • If the order cancellation is due to customer not being able to fulfill (change of mind, or payment full payment not being made) your order will be cancelled with an email notification made however in this case the deposit is non refundable.

What if I don't make the invoice payment on time?

  • we work with all our customers to make sure the beautiful gift is delivered. In a case where we dont receive a payment with no communication, We will send out 3 payment reminders and if no further communication, at this point Cass Kids Toys holds the right to cancel the order, refund the payment minus the $50 deposit.

Please Note, as through this process we are heavily dependent on manufacturing time, days on sea & Australian customs clearance. Please understand that the delivery date is just estimate and generally speaking delivered pretty close to the date we provide however on 20% of our shipments when our containers get picked for random x-ray our shipments could be delayed