Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy:

Ride on Cars:

We offer limited 6 months parts replacement warranty for all products sold on our website. Warranty applies to the products for domestic use only.

Warranty will only cover any manufacturing faults found in product at the time of purchase. Buyer must notify us immediately about any faults related to their products. Buyer must produce invoice in order to avail warranty services.

In case of any part failure, we will post the replacement part to the buyer along with instructions detailing the replacement procedure. Alternatively, local customers can simply drop in their product and we will fix it as per our warranty policy. In cases where parts can't be replaced we will provide the replacement product wherever possible.

In a scenario where the product is to be returned for replacement or refund under warranty, Ayaz Factory Outlet will look after the faulty car and transport cost, however our customers are liable for ensuring the product is made transport safe by either placing it in original boxing or alternative packaging.

What is not covered under warranty?

  • Batteries and battery chargers are not covered under warranty. Both of these parts are tested before being packed and unfair/careless usage can effect the performance of these parts. Please refer to our Battery maintenance blog, for instructions about how to make your battery last longer. (Please note just like any battery operated product the batteries require changing from time to time. The life of the battery depends on usage, frequency & storage and may vary)
  • Cosmetic imperfections. As these cars are mass production and made of plastic, sometimes under manufacturing process and pressure there maybe some imperfections visible on the car. These minor cosmetic issues are also not covered under the warranty as they do not impact the overall functionality of the car. (things like minor scratches, plastic imperfections, imperfections with the wheel rubber etc.) We of course work with our suppliers to ensure the cars are made under the best condition and quality control is done at every step of the way.
  • Faults caused due to incorrect installation of the car (i.e. motors incorrectly installed, or wires not connected). Please note in a scenario where the car has been returned to us for inspection and the fault has been found to be due to this issue, you will be offered for Ayaz Factory Outlet to rectify it at a fee. Customers will also be liable for any transport costs.
  • Physical damage. Ayaz Factory Outlet does not cover broken parts, cosmetic and body damages that have been caused whilst the car is being used. In these scenarios as long as the spare part is replaceable, we will order a new part and send to you at a cost.